Tershine has just signed a 2021 season sponsorship with 804!



804 has recently signed a 2021 season sponsorship with Sandåsen Motor och Entreprenad AB (SME) in Ödeshög.

We drove down for a visit with the owner Jimmy Svahn and some quick questions:

804: Hi, Jimmy! You seem busy today, what’s up?

Jimmy: Hi and welcome to SME. Yes, it is quite busy right now. We have a Porsche 996 Turbo that we are rebuilding the Öhlins chassis/suspension, and later we will install flex-fuel system with ECU tuning and a general service.

We also have a Mercedes AMG C63 which is an exciting project in collaboration with HP Tuners in the USA,

SME and HP develop completely new software for the AMG series and this particular car has also been equipped with SME Hybrid turbos that flow about 30% more than the stock.

804: Sounds exciting do you have any dyno runs or power figures yet?

Jimmy: No not yet, but it produced over 600 hp with stock turbos so it will probably deliver a lot more.

804: There are 2 nice Corvette C6 Z06 here too, what do you have planned for them?

Jimmy: A little different setup between them but both will receive new sleeves, pistons, bearings and camshaft, or in short we will builds 2  performance engines that will deliver around 650 hp.

804: Last time we visited you had a really mean Nissan GT-R that was about to be run on the dyno, what did you do with it and any results?

Jimmy: Yes, this time we installed a new intake manifold and tune. The result was an incredible 815 hp and 1010 Nm on the hub! That GT-R has a fantastic drive-ability and power band. It must be experienced in real life. See video

804: This interview is completely backwards, we have not talked about your background yet. But lets continue with the fun stuff. Well, which car has the record in your dyno?

Jimmy: #Laughter#, yes, of course it’s more fun to talk performance than history. Lets see now, I actually think it’s a red Porsche 996 Turbo that holds the record in our hub dyno.

804: Tell us more about that Porsche!

Jimmy: It was a nice Porsche 996 Turbo with a lot of upgrades and we were assigned to install new ECU system and the owner demanded over 1000 wheel horsepower.

804: Wow, sounds both crazy and fun. Well did you deliver, was the customer satisfied?

Jimmy: #Laughter# yes, but we stopped at 1005 horses on the hub. The challenge was to keep the torque down and still maintain drive-ability.

804: Jimmy, so what’s your story, how did SME come about?

Jimmy: I have been involved in motor sport since the late 90’s, everything from competitions to records in, Rally, Circuit racing and Drag racing. Between 2007–2013, I was part of JRM Racing as a co-owner. In 2013 I moved with my family down to Ödeshög and I then decided to start Sandåsen Motor and Entreprenad or in short SME.

804: It quickly becomes clear after a visit to the shop that SME works with all brands and motor sport projects, tell us what does the future hold and what are SME´s strengths?

Jimmy: As you said we are independent and can perform everything from a basic engine service to complete race car builds. We also have product development in house. Our race cylinder head for Mitsubishi EVO or 4G63 as the engine is called, is unique and one of kind. 

We are the sole distributor for HP Tuners in Sweden and work closely with HP in the USA.

The future looks bright, we have never had this much work and see the sponsorship of 804 as part of marketing. We plan to expand our workshop to meet an increased demand.

804: We at 804 look forward to the partnership with SME and see more added value that you bring to the events. What do you plan to provide and showcase the visitors at the 804 events?

Jimmy: We will provide a lot of services and sell products. I can reveal a few: You will be able to weigh your car, read error codes from OBD, our race bus will be stocked with, octane boosters, race fuel and tools. Of course we will be there for all to support, answer questions and give advice.

804: Sounds promising! You were already a sponsor in 2020. How was the response?

Jimmy: We have a genuine interest in racing and to be part in this relatively new event with 804 is fun and exiting. At the event we get the opportunity to meet customers and like-minded people in a new environment and outside the workshop floor. Close customer interaction in an event that is all about having fun is something we like. In the final 2020 event we got 4 new customers and look forward to many more in the coming season, and we plan to participate on several occasions. We are fired up and look forward to a fun season together with 804 team and all like-minded!

804: We can only agree with you #Laughing# I believe we will end here before this becomes a novel….

Jimmy: #Laughing# yes, easy to do when talking about sports cars.

804: Many thanks Jimmy for supporting 804 to grow and evolve our events!

Jimmy: Thank you, and see you guys at the events!