WHO ARE 804?

Experience the Thrill of ORIGINAL NORDIC HALF MILE RACING with 804 – Where Petrolheads Unite!

Are you passionate about high-octane excitement? So are we! At 804, we’re dedicated enthusiasts just like you, always eager to meet fellow drivers and witness the heart-pounding action of awesome sports cars in motion.

In the vibrant car culture of Sweden, we sensed a void waiting to be filled. While car meets are undeniably thrilling, we believed there had to be a way to take it to the next level by seamlessly integrating it with the exhilaration of racing. Looking to the USA for inspiration, we discovered that ½ mile (804 meter) racing perfectly embodies the spirit of what we’ve been searching for. Unlike drag racing or circuit racing, it offers a unique balance that’s better suited for street cars/bikes while still delivering an adrenaline rush that’s second to none.

Our events are designed to be a celebration of pure enjoyment, where enthusiasts of all kinds can come together to mingle, race, and have fun. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of “Exotics,” the prestigious brands that add glamour and style to every event, the ingenuity of “Tuners” who fine-tune their sports cars with the help of their favorite tuners, the intrigue of “Sleepers,” the stealthy individuals whose unassuming cars pack a surprising punch, or even motorcyclists seeking the thrill of the open road, there’s something for everyone at 804.

Join us for an unforgettable experience where passion meets performance and every moment is infused with the excitement of the open road.

Welcome to the world of ORIGINAL NORDIC HALF MILE RACING with 804